Nootropic Families: What are they exactly?


The word nootropics has been around since 1972, when Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea used it to describe a collection of experimental chemicals that were soon to be marketed as drugs and supplements that enhanced memory, improved alertness and wakefulness, guarded against long term, debilitating brain disease, as well as improved various other facets of our mental functioning.
The first of the nootropic families that was fully developed and marketed was piracetam, a member of the Racetam family of nootropics. Since then, more potent and effective racetams have been developed and continue to be developed as we as a human race look to improve our well-being and overall happiness. Alongside Racetam, there are various other kinds of ‘smart drugs’ that are now popular the world over. These include stimulants, nutraceuticals and various others, such as omega-3 fatty acids. Let’s take a brief look at a few of them.
The clue may be in the name with this one. Stimulants are engineered to arouse your central nervous system – in other words, they stimulate you into action by motivating brain activity. Caffeine is the most well-known stimulant, and estimates suggest that Americans alone drink up to 400 million cups of coffee each day, which roughly totals 146 billion a year. Some drink it for taste, but its potency as a nootropic lies in its ability to give us a mental jolt – in other words, it makes us more alert and keeps us awake. It does this by blocking important chemical signals in our brains that would otherwise make us feel drowsy.
 Types of stimulants:
• Caffeine
• Nicotine
• Amphetamine
• Ephedrine
They’re nicknamed functional foods, which should immediately drop the hint that nutraceuticals are food-derived supplements that give us a boost of energy. Whilst they are described as a food, or food product or ingredient, they are often actually marketed and sold in medicinal form. The word is a combination of nutrition and pharmaceutical, which aptly describes their function – they are medicinal nutritional supplements.
Essentially, nutraceuticals are dietary supplements, processed foods and isolated nutrients that are used for their health benefits, which range from rebuilding damaged cells, producing new ones, lowering cholesterol, as well as improving the quality of our skin and hair. Their popularity is increasing, as more and more people look for nutritional supplements that are cost-effective, safe to use and which have reputable medical benefits.
Because nutraceuticals are found in food, scientists have now developed ways to maximize their potential and effectiveness. Essentially, processed food such as cereal and soup comes with added nutritional value, including omega-3 fatty acids and GLA, which means that you could be tucking into enhanced nutraceuticals daily without realizing it – but don’t worry, it’s a good thing!
Racetams are a large family of drugs, a lot of which are known to be effective nootropics. First marketed in 1971 as nootropics, some are stimulants and mostly all are constructive modulators of our central neurotransmitters, thus positively effecting our mood, as well as our physical and mental state. Because there are numerous different kinds of racetams with varying levels of potency, we’ll take a quick look at a few of them.
Pramiracetam: This nootropic is known to be a great memory consolidator and is more potent than a lot of the other racetams. Rather than effect our happy hormones in a bid to inject us with enthusiasm, energy and optimism, pramiracetam helps us to focus and concentrate, as well as cementing our reasoning ability. It is not a social drug, but is one that can leave the user feeling slightly withdrawn.
Oxiracetam: Oxiracetam is a stimulant that acutely sharpens our focus, making it the nootropic of choice for students. It works quickly and comes without the usual fuzziness and symptoms of withdrawal that other stimulants, such as coffee, bring with them.
Coluracetam: This nootropic is fairly new, and it only really came to the attention of the medical world in 2005, where its usefulness as a remedy for depression was tried successfully in 2010. Another noticeable benefit of coluracetam was its effectiveness in improving learning ability.
Aniracetam: Aniracetam is similar to pramiracetam in that it’s been widely recognized as being one of the most potent members of the Racetam family. Although some have referred to it as a stimulant, others have played such a comparison down due to its effects being fairly dissimilar. Instead, it has been found to instigate creativity and is also marketed as an antidepressant.
 Omega-3 fatty acids: Found in food sources such as fish oil, egg oil and krill oil, omega-3’s are crucial to how well your body functions. They also help to reduce depression, asthma and ADHD.
 Valporic acid: Valporic acid is a particularly volatile nootropic that comes with a few warnings, owing to its links to long term liver damage. But when prescribed for people who really need it, it is known to treat epilepsy and mania.
 Tianeptine: Tianeptine is known to boost the production of serotonin, an important chemical that acts as a mood enhancer, improving our well-being and optimism.


Modafinil: Online Resource Based on Facts and Annecdotes

There is a wave of competition in our culture, which demands us to do better. We find people everywhere around us who want to get ahead in life. Many of them actually buy Modafinil online to get the job done right.

Some choose to stick with the natural process and walk in the predefined direction... Some make their own and have different ways to do that.

Hacking growth is a popular concept nowadays. There are different methods by which people try to increase their mental performance. Cognitive enhancement is a subject where a lot of research has been done in the past decades.

To increase mental performance, many people consider taking stimulants. These stimulants are designed to treat a medical condition originally. However, their effects are also proven to be useful in other ways. Modafinil is a popular choice of smart drugs in the world today.


What is Modafinil?


Modafinil is an oral drug and was FDA approved since 1998. The drug was used for a number of things such as enhancing wakefulness, especially in patients that suffer from excessive sleepiness. The drug is not quite different from armodafinil. This means that they are in the same class of drugs and they are all called smart drugs. It stimulates the human brain from where it promotes wakefulness among its users. Research has not yet shown its exact action mechanism. It is assumed that it works simply by increasing the quantity of dopamine in the nervous system. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter that makes it possible for communication among the nervous system.

It is available online at popular vendors such as Dr. Modafinil. Also, you can buy Modafinil from brick-and-mortar pharmacies. Still, most people prefer to purchase their Modafinil via online pharmacies that sell Armodafinil and Modafinil generics.




Research has shown that modafinil has many health benefits for its users. It has shown to be effective in the provtreatment of ADHD; this means that the smart drug is good for hyperactivity disorder. Even with depersonalization disorder, research has shown that the drug has been very effective in dealing with that type health and psychological disorders among some people. Furthermore, modafinil is good at addressing psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders. It could also be used for the treatment of such conditions as dipolar depression, substance dependence, fatigue, and a host of other conditions. It could also be used for the treatment of other types of disorders. Even overweight patients can rely on the product to deal with overweight. You can derive many benefits from using the smart drug.


Side effects


Studies done on Modafinil have shown that the drug could have some side effects. Here are some of the common side effects associated with the use of the product. The first effect is that the drug can cause headache. Moreover, it could cause other health conditions like upper respiratory tract as well as nausea and infection, in addition to insomnia, anxiety, and nervousness. Other notable side effects that are associated with the drug include multiple organ hypersensitivity reaction, fainting, high blood pressure, psychosis and so on.



Clinical trials were done to determine the dosage. Trials for humans indicated that the dosage could range from 1200mg for one day and that should be taken for seven days. When you exceed the dosage, it could lead to severe consequences such as insomnia, irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbances, nervousness and so on. It is better that you observe the dosage allowed for the drug. It is recommended that before you use such a product, you should meet your doctor for a professional advice.


How does this feel?

When you use modafinil, you would begin to see the useful effect. You would notice that if you have are suffering from undue sleepiness that you would get instant relief by taking the oral drug. If you like, you can use it to treat some problems like neurological fatigue. The drug is of all round benefit, but you should not abuse it. It is advisable to observe the dosage allowed by the doctor to get the best from the smart drug.


Long-term use

The long-term benefit of using the product is that you are going to improve on your overall productive level by removing all those things that bore you down. Many people suffering from sleepiness can get better by taking the required dosage of the drug. Moreover, studies have shown that it can help you to solve most of psychological problems and nervous related issues. Even overweight patient could get help by using the smart drug because it is a cure for overweight. This means that if you want to lose weight, you have to use modafinil.


Short-term use

The short-term effect of using modafinil is that you are going to observe an immediate improvement on your overall strength. This is because the smart drug would make you to become stronger and better. You are going to be more start and your nervousness would be removed. Most of your psychological problems would be solved when you take the drug as prescribed by your doctor. You would be more wakeful and become more responsible for your duties.



Before the modafinil was approved for human consumption, clinical trials were conducted. The trial first started with animals and this was where some of the side effects were noticed, human clinical trials have shown the effect of using the drug. Research has shown that it is effective in the treatment of ADHD and different psychological problems.



Modafinil was first developed in France. Interest in the smart drug was high because of invention of benzyhydryl sulfinyl compounds. An offshoot of that invention was adrafinil, which was basically the precursor to Modafinil. This was used to treat some health conditions in France. Further research led to the development of modafinil, which has the properties with adrafinil.


Off-label use of Modafinil

The smart drug is usually prescribed by medical practitioners to treat sleep disorders like narcolepsy. It is also widely considered for ADHD. Modafinil allows a person to stay alert and awake. It increases cognitive performance, improves mood, and lets you complete the mundane task faster and better.
Considering this, a smart drug like Modafinil is popular among college students, night shift workers, and those with cutthroat work priorities. Modafinil allows them to perform at their peak. It saves time, gives a boost of energy that is used to maintain top mental performance.
But acquiring Modafinil is not easy. You are always required to have a doctor’s prescription, especially if you live in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and most European countries. The United States classifies Modafinil as a Schedule IV drug. It follows different legal sanctions and makes the list of the World Anti-doping Agency.


Modafinil in the USA?

People in the USA cannot purchase Modafinil unless they have a medical practitioner’s prescription. It is not legal to purchase online either. But many people do not abide by the law and try to look for ways to beat the system.

Why do people prefer buying Modafinil online?

Buying Modafinil online continues to grow popular. It is cheaper and does not require a prescription to buy online. A product can be purchased easily and delivered to your address discreetly. Only provided that you place an order with a genuine vendor and not a scammer.

With that being said, let us explore how to buy Modafinil online:

1. Source of the drug

Modafinil online is sold by Sun Pharmaceuticals in India. This is the first indication of the drug genuine. If you find any other manufacturer, it is advised to stay away. Sun Pharmaceuticals holds quite a reputation for being a top pharmaceutical company. Their products are genuine, and in nootropic discussions, people generally prefer the company’s name.

2. Seller

Before making a deal, one should be wary of the seller. Making a general conversation with your seller can reveal a lot of facts. A good recommendation can be doing a little research on them. Find out if they are popular and genuinely have a setup.


3. Seller’s reputation

Any online forum selling Modafinil would have reviews and comments by customers. It is best to engage with sellers with mostly positive reviews. One pays a fortune even if buying online is relatively cheaper than your local pharmacy. A seller’s reputation can go a long way in helping you make the right decision.
It goes without saying but avoids sellers with a derailed reputation. Read the comments of other customers because it will reveal everything.

4. Price tag

Be careful about the prices. Modafinil online is cheaper than the pharmacy in your town. You can also request discounts; it depends on the seller. A good persuasion here can work. At the same time, people get scammed.
Why? It is because they fall for deals that are too good to be true. If the discount offer sounds ridiculous, then it is a sign you are being scammed.

5. General assessments

Check for the vendor properly. Grammatical errors in product descriptions raise a red flag. Similarly, if a seller tries to make an outrageous claim, it is another red flag. The point is to be watchful for shady factors regarding a seller.
Those who try to scam usually adopt such behavior. They are either making bold claims or not putting up facts right.

6. Communication

While making conversation with your seller, you will have an idea regarding their intuition. A genuine seller is interested in making a purchase. They try to come off professional, and you can further discuss the product or matters regarding their service.

7. Watching out for scams

If your mind raises doubt regarding a seller, it is best to avoid rather than taking a risk. Online sellers are not a rare commodity. You can find sellers in abundance on online portals. You must make the correct choice and not risk walking into a scam.

How to buy Modafinil online... esy peasy?

Buying Modafinil online appears to be an easy job. However, it remains an underground activity where the likelihood of fraudulent activities. These general recommendations are useful for everyone looking to buy Modafinil online. They can make a huge difference for a successful purchase. At the same time, they prevent you from losing out on your order and paying for a scam.



Final thoughts

Modafinil is an important smart drug because it has several uses. It is not as strong as some other smart drugs. This means that the effects might not be as severe as some other nootropic drugs. You have to use with caution, and you must seek advice before you use it.